Member Facility Owners FAQ

Does NC811 have an app I can use?

Yes, we do! Download our app for FREE for Apple & Android. Click here to learn more and visit the online app stores.

What is Positive Response?

The Positive Response system allows participating utilities and contract locators to furnish you with the status of your locate request. You can call the toll free number of 1-877-632-5050 or click here to visit the Positive Response section of our website.

I have received tickets that are classified as an emergency but the work suggests otherwise. Why did NC 811 create this ticket and what can I do to complain?

When a CSR is told by a caller to create an emergency ticket, the CSR is instructed to do so. If you feel that someone is abusing the system through emergency requests that are not a threat to life, health or property you may utilize the enforcement mechanism to file an official complaint.

Is a member charged for cancelled and retransmitted tickets?

A Cancellation and a Retransmit are both considered as a transmission because NC811 is transmitting the information to the member facility owner.  All members are charged based upon transmissions not types of tickets received.

Am I required to contact both NC811 & the facility owner to report a damage?

Yes; NC General Statutes require that the excavator performing an excavation that results in a damage to contact NC811 and the facility owner if known.

Who do I contact when someone is continuously and purposefully removing the facility markings and assistance is needed immediately?

For immediate assistance, NC811 suggests local law enforcement be contacted.

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